The electronics are the heart of a camper trailer designed to be independent of mains power, and should not be overlooked when in the pursuit of freedom from caravan parks. They are also a main reason our campers cost so much, as money must be spent to have a quality system. Although the technical nature of electronics can be confusing, fundamentally it is all about keeping the fridge cold and the showers hot. Aussie Swag Campers has put together a system of quality components that is easy as possible to operate. 

Our latest models use a 200 amp hour Lead Crystal battery which is enough for three to four days camping without recharge. However, in situations where there has been several days of bad or even cloudy weather or in shady campsites, the solar panel will not supply enough power to recharge the batteries and a generator becomes the quickest and most efficient means of recharging. As such, Aussie Swag fits as standard a 60 amp 240v charger and high quality, low resistance batteries to allow the fastest recharge times possible.

A 1600-watt pure sine wave inverter is standard. The inverter allows 240-volt appliances such as laptop computers, media players, TV and mobile phone battery chargers and coffee machines to be operated via the trailer battery pack. The inverter is hard wired to the 240v outlets and automatically switches between mains and battery power.

The 150 watt solar panel (standard on the Ultra) can charge the battery pack when 240 volt power is unavailable. The DC-DC MPPT charger ensures the batteries are not overcharged. The panel is stored on the fridge box and charges in its mounted position, but when camped is better put out in the sun (most people camp in any available shade) using a 15m extension cord and security cable. The panel stands up using two twist lock anodized aluminium tent pole legs and can charge up to 10 amps an hour in ideal conditions. On a clear winter’s day a more realistic charge rate would be 7 amps an hour. Running the Waeco CFX95 fridge/freezer, lights and water pump can use roughly 60 amps a day (this figure varies widely depending on usage and conditions), so a panel facing the sun for 7 hours a day almost has this covered. 

***** A Genuine Betta Batteries Lead Crystal Battery will do 6600 cycles at 20% Depth Of Discharge (DOD) at 20°.

Lead Crystal Advantages (Click for manufacturer's page)

Unlimited Recharge Capacity

Why spend extra on quality batteries and charging system? 

The Alpha Energy Lead Crystal 200Ah battery has an unlimited recharge capacity. Charged by the ePRO 60 amp charger, the battery pack accepts 60 amps per hour until it is 90% full and then progressively cuts down. A generator need only be run for one hour to get 60 amps charge. A cheaper 30 amp charger has to be run for 2 hours to deliver the same charge. The same slow charge rate applies to cheaper batteries that do not have unlimited recharge capacity. When recharge is required in a hurry, the extra expense is soon forgotten.

Unlike AGM batteries which are recommended to have no more than 50% discharge, our Lead Crystal battery can be discharged to its full capacity without damage. 200 a/h lead crystal provides the equivalent power to 400 a/h AGM. 

This is a game changer in outback power solutions.

Standard Inclusions on Ultra MaX

  • 2 x 240 volt power points (internal) and safety switch (earth leakage) 1 x 240 volt power points (external) 
  • 6 x 12 volt sockets (3 inside and 3 outside) wired to the trailer's battery
  • 1 x sealed Lead Crystal AGM 200 amp hour deep cycle battery (200 amp usable)
  • 60-amp automatic battery charger. This premium charger is designed to be permanently connected to the battery when in storage, ensuring your battery is kept fully charged and ready for use
  • 1600-watt pure sine wave inverter hard wired to the camper's 240v outlets
  • DC-to-DC charger to charge the battery from the tow vehicle and solar panel
  • 150 Kyocera* watt solar panel with fold out legs, security cable & extension leador fire wood rack and pole holder
  • Victron Precision Battery Monitor BMV-700 to monitor battery status. It measures the battery voltage, current, and state of charge.
  • 2 x LED bedside reading lights
  • 1 x LED strip light with switch on middle roof bar inside main tent.
  • 1 x internal and 3 x external 12v inlets, 1 x internal dual USB inlet
  • 1 x water level gauge
  • Waeco CFX95 fridge/freezer
  • Webasto dual water and space heater.
  • Shower Room
*Kyocera modules confirmed by the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre to have the highest average output of any crystalline module
  • First module manufacturer in the world to pass long- term sequential testing performed by TÜV Rheinland
  • This series construction also passed TÜV Rheinland’s Salt Mist Corrosion Test at Severity Level 6, the most intense test conditions available
  • Only module manufacturer to achieve the rank of “Performance Leader” in all six categories of GTM Research’s 2014 PV Module Reliability Scorecard

Rover MaX

The Rover MaX is structurally identical to the Ultra MaX but has a lower spec. Please see price List for details. Items from the Ultra MaX can be added to the Rover MaX according to customer's requirements.

High quality electrics ensure that you can go remote and stay there – contact ausinfo@aussieswag.com.au for more info
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