Easy LIft Boat Loader and Folding Boat Trailer

The boat loader is made from hot dipped galvanized steel and can be attached to all models. It has four heavy-duty gas struts to enable a boat to be lifted over with ease. The loader can be detached when not required. The maximum weight for the boat is 80kg and maximum length recommended for safe towing in off-road conditions is 3.7 m.

A folding boat trailer such as that made by RealEzy can be mounted on the boat loader. Depending on the dimensions of the boat, the trailer is positioned either beside or under the boat.

Rear Swing away

Ability to carry up to four bicycles or a spare wheel. It is also possible to configure it to carry two bicycles and a spare wheel. A Hayman Reece fitting is also available.

Second Water Tank

The standard water tank is a massive 195L, which will satisfy the usage requirements of most families. It is also possible to install a second 65L tank in place of the spare wheel (the spare moves to a rear swing away on the back.) The two tanks are separate but can be accessed through to the shower and kitchen by a three-way valve. Both tanks can also be filled from an external water source via the inbuilt pump.
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