The Tent 

Aussie Swag Campers uses top quality, Australian made Dynaproofed canvas to handle diverse Australian conditions. The canvas is a water and mould-proofed, heavy duty, cotton/polyester composite with a five-year manufacturer's warranty. 

People often ask how long it takes to set up the camper. That depends on how much space is needed, but to open the main tent takes less than a minute. The main awning can remain on when the camper is closed, so it takes less than ten minutes to open the camper and set up the awning that covers the fridge and kitchen area.

Quick, easy set up

The Touring Awning stays on when the camping is packed up and folds into the side whilst closing. The three ropes are already attached and just require pegging down using three upright poles. No spreader bars are required and two arched gables protect the kitchen area from sun and rain. In 5 minutes you have  5.5m x 2.1m awning set up for all weather conditions.
The large, full sized, 7m x 2.1m awning can also stay zipped on when the trailer is packed, if it is flipped over onto the main tent before closing up. Five upright poles are required but no spreader bars. Practicality is a priority in an Aussie Swag’s design as there is no use in having all the bells and whistles if the camper is not quick to set up and easy to use.

A window flap over the draw bar zips to the main awning. This forms a shade cover for the fridge/storage box. There are two screened side door ways and three large, zippered windows around the bed area with inside flaps for privacy and weather control. The large windows and door ways allow the tent to be opened up for plenty of airflow in warmer conditions. All windows and doorways have solid canvas window flaps and doors which allow the camper to be fully closed in during cold, wet or windy conditions. All doors and window flaps also have double slides with tried and tested YKK zips. The tent has two zippered screened rear windows and a back doorway to which a rear bed room can be attached.

Window Flap, Tropical Roof and Vent

In 2000 Aussie Swag was the first hard floor camper to use a Tropical Roof. Dome shape eliminates condensation on the inside of the tent, even along the edges, while allowing air flow across the roof of the tent for cooling.

Aussie Swag Campers has developed an airflow roof vent in the centre of the inner roof that uses convection to maximise air flow inside the camper in warmer weather. The vent can be closed off in colder conditions or left open to reduce internal condensation.  

Vista Wall

An enclosed Full Annex is optional but for quicker weather protection there is the Vista Wall, used to keep rain, sun and wind out of the awning area without closing it in and blocking off the view.

Weatherproof Kitchen

Weather proofing the kitchen area is a simple matter of putting up an infill and end wall. No extra poles or ropes are required to do this as the infill attaches by Velcro and Sail track, while the end wall is zipped on. The draft flap running along the underside of the camper adds extra wind protection. In some conditions the front wall and other end wall will also be needed to provide a snug and cosy environment.

Internally, there are two screened side doorways and three windows around the bed area with inside flaps for privacy and weather control. There is a zippered, screened back doorway to which an optional kid's room can be attached.

Side Kid's Room

The side bed/kid’s Room is one whole room, 3m long x 1.6m wide. The canvas roof, canvas walls and heavy-duty vinyl floor are sewn into one piece. Access is through the second doorway of the main tent and an outside-screened doorway (which is double zipped) located at the front end of the camper. In addition to the two-screened doors, the Kid’s Room also has three large windows closed on the interior of the tent.

Rear Kid's Room

The rear Bed/Kid's room, 2m long and 1.6m wide, is big enough for two bunk beds side by side but small enough to be left attached to the camper when closed. The rear flap also extends to provide a tropical roof, minimising condensation and also cooling the inside. Three large windows close from the inside and allow plenty of airflow. The end window has an outside flap as well for weather protection and ventilation when conditions are wet and humid. 
Aussie Swag provides top quality water and mould proofed, heavy duty Australian made canvas tents and annexes sewn in house in Brendale, Brisbane
– call for more details 07 3881 1903
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